Thursday, 20 October 2016

Holographic Reality

When mass has energy removed, the effect is dissolution which takes many non-motion moment events in the causal chain to complete. There is no fabric of space. Fabric causes resistance and would gather around our legs as we walk through it. We'd have to wash it off after a day of walking through it. It would slow down orbiting bodies in space. If there isn't any spacetime fabric, there isn't any spacetime fabric being bent. Distance between locations and linear time are perceptually-dependent. Bending spacetime is tantamount to knocking a holographic hat off of a hologram. The curvature of spacetime isn't due to gravity but rather to a ratio that is non-transgressable, holding the properties of space, time, mass and velocity in specific proportions. If these proportions get skewed, spacetime reality won't be a believable one. We'd be perceiving the frame-rate of non-motion moment events at the wrong speed. It wouldn't allow for a believable interactive reality experience. Similarly, we can't suspend belief watching a movie if it's playing at the wrong speed.

 Space is not a substance that can be acted upon. Linear time is an effect that results from perceiving a three dimensional object leave one location for another one. The imperceivable aspect of reality is absolute and unchanging. The perceivable aspect of reality is conditioned and in constant flux. The data collected by scientific method can be separated from the extrapolations made from it by the Consensus Science Industry. We take that data and spend time contemplating on phenomenon one at a time. We don't move on to the next one until we realize what that phenomenon's true nature is.


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