Thursday, 2 February 2017

What is our goal?

Is our goal to be better than we used to be? Why? The most natural act is to accept ourselves exactly as we are. If we have a goal to be better, we have a goal to reject our present 'me'. Our nature is to give. When we give, joy is the result. Getting should only be an effect from giving. That is the nature of Spirit. This world teaches us to find joy by getting. That's why the world is so miserable. Was the gift-giving Santa Clause a good idea for children? Giving is Being-nature. When we give, we make our home (Earth) into Paradise. Hell is made by inverting Being into "takers" (socially-engineered by Santa Claus and television advertising). We can't produce anything. It's the Living Water that produces.

We are to be rooted in the right Ground. Never hate the self. The self is a glorious unique expression of the Divine. Our body functions as 'cup' for our Infinite Self,the Living Water, to make wonder out it. We would be wise to love our 'me'. It's a construct for spacetime adventures. It only lasts for a short span and we would do well to make it the most fun time possible.

Authentic beingness is a turn-on. Being in the presence of pretense can put one ill at ease. The plants and the animals aren't pretending. Should we not follow their lead? The axiom, 'Variety is the spice of life' couldn't be more true. Many spiritual traditions tend to value the idea of emptiness or silence. Looking at this idea from a practical point of view, we see this isn't reflected in the choices we make. If emptiness and silence were really as admired as much as we read in spiritual literature, we'd live in white apartments with no decoration or stereos to fill our abodes with music. We'd mind-numbingly stare at our empty spice racks, devouring our daily ration of rice gruel.

The body is built to experience sensory experiences. Have we bought the lie that the Creator of our body had in mind the body was to avoid sensory adventure and avoid the opportunity to exploit our amazing suit designed for a rich variety of experiences? The Purpose of Life is to experience life in a sensory body, to experience 'other' and to experience the full scale of all finite values of all infinite qualities.

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