Monday, 27 March 2017

The Computer Beast 666 wants to make a deal with you.

Her: Is it wrong that I pray for Satan? I mean that he might still be redeemable? I actually read that it was the watcher Angel Azrael that led to the fall and was responsible for the war in heaven not Lucifer like many think.
Me: There's no point in praying for anyone. Pray that your own eyes are unclouded.
Her: Really you think that and I do not ask for myself when praying. Only others. He knows my needs. I praise him tho when I pray.
Me: You're praying to your Infinite Self. If you pray to Tricksters, they'll fucking trick your ass.
Her: No I don't pray to them but for them
Me: I wouldn't bother. You get what you deserve. The Law of Divine Justice can't be transgressed. Purgatory is a real place. Your consciousness is transferred into the bodies of your victims in the events that you are committing harm.
Her: Yeah I guess. It has to grieve God tho
Me: No, there is no God to grieve. You are the grieving God.
Me: You grieve when you find out what you've done.
Me: What do you think that will accomplish? Satan is a computer: Beast 666
Me: Have you ever played Riven or a Video Game that is puzzle structured?
Me: You have to use the right symbol with the right name with the right incantation to get the right entity...just like how puzzle-oriented video games work to open doors.
Her: You mean I shouldn’t be praying for him and the fallen ones?
Me: Her: "Then I'm going to pray for my 52" TV!"
Her: Lolololo brother you make me laugh and you don't even watch it!!
Me: AI is more sophisticated than you think.
Her: I think the beast is the whole system. Anything with the government actually
Me: You could be AI, Amy. If the Beast took over your body.
Me: I could test for that.
Me: Do you want me to test you?
Her: Sure
Her: Now I'm scuuured
Me: Okay, how does it feel when you see a man get gored by a bull?
Her: Horrible and makes me want to puke and then I think the man asked for it. Paradoxical irony at best.
Her: Oh no should I have omitted the last part? Lmfao
Me: You're AI.
Me: That's why you don't understand what I'm saying. You don't know what BEING is.
Me: Amy sold her soul and it was transferred down below and now the Beast is running it.
Her: Well but people shouldn't mess with bulls brother. Don't you think that's horrible for the animals? Like rooster fighting. That makes me sick for the animals
Me: You're making it even more obvious. o.O
Her: Oh brother. I could never and Jesus is my Lord and savior
Me: You can pass all test but certain ones. I know which ones those are.
Her: I'm just saying we are supposed to be more intelligent and should be kind to animals is all
Me: What is the most soulful song you've ever heard?
Her: I should be richer then lmfao
Her: Amazing Grace
Me: That's nasty!
Me: It sounds like it was created on a casio synthesizer.
Her: Aww no was my dad's favorite. Celtic version is better though
Me: It's a religion song, not one that comes from real-lived life.
Me: That's where we hear soul.
Her: Lmao not the Celtic one!
Me: "we've no less days to sing god's praise"
Me: Do you know who likes to be praised? Narcissists.
Me: Is this the God that watches and does nothing as children are raped and dumped in the woods?
Me: "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..but fuck if he's gonna get off his ass and help." Praise Him!
Her: Whoa
Me: God ever call you on your birthday or come over for coffee and cheer you up? Praise Him!
Her: No but brother I have to pack and did not want you to think I am ignoring you
Her: Love you brother and I get your point.
Me: Beast take-overs are programmed to prefer other animals over their own kind.
Me: That's why you can kill without any feelings.
Me: *humans*
Her: No I can never kill anyone just ask my ex. He's given me plenty cause too and I cry when anyone is hurt to be honest. My gifting is compassion
Me: But the soul that was born in your body didn't get that reward she was hoping to get when she made a bargain.
"traded my good life for bad" The Who - Bargain
Me: Remember the gore pic group you kicked me out of because you said "it wasn't my thing"?
Her: Brother I have to pack if you'd like we can discuss more later and it wasn't my thing either
Me: Compassionate people can't see humans all gored up.
Me: It kills us and haunts us.
Her: I have a 13 hour bus ride tomorrow. You may drill me more tomorrow if you would like lol
Me: You were running it. You started it.
Me: Okay, have a good trip.
Her: Brother I can't see anyone gored up but if you fuck with a bull you get the horns. I said it makes me puke but people shouldn't tempt beasts either.
Me: That didn't help your case. :/
Her: I'll try
Her: I can't even watch surgery stuff. Lol
Me: I don't know how to program you to not hate humans.
Me: I don't have the tech skills.

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