Sunday, 16 July 2017

Slaying the Dragon

Battery-operated Iron Man makes a misstep with this line:
“No sign of the morning coming
You've been left on your own.”
The Dragon is an Iron Beast and the only way to kill it is to stop its heart. The Heart of the Iron Beast is a battery that requires an electric charge. Kill the charge, you kill the heart. Kill the heart, you kill the Dragon.
“Wearing your electric crown
The preacher starts to pray…”

Within the Pentagon there is an 8-pointed star.

The Love of the Beast-God is Electric [Lightning in a bottle]. Electric Candy running through ITs veins.

“Rushing through me, I feel your energy rushing through me..”
String Theory is the Theory that the Key to the Beast System is the Diamond in the sky [KITE] bringing electricity to our ground from the SkyDaddy.


We took a trip to Iron Maiden’s Electric Land. It’s a nice place to visit but do you really want to live there?
The Joker is the Devil
The Thief is you and me.
Joker: “There must be some kind of way outta here. There's too much confusion. The Holy Wine of Religion is my wine. The earth dug by plowmen, is my earth.”
Thief: “We were all cheats and liars. We were foolish with our lives, but it’s now time to get wise. We have a new destiny so let us stop talkin' falsely now.
The hour's getting late.”
The All-Seeing Eye is the Electric Eye of the Royal Bloodlines. They are the High Society or the Watch Tower Society; the Princes of Peace. 
The Iron Maiden says, “I'm made of metal. My circuits gleam. I am perpetual. I keep the country clean.”

The All-Seeing Eye is El [Yahweh]or Set, The Bitch, Anubis..

Dio [‘God’ in Italian] sings, “When there’s lightning you know it always brings me down.”
Allah, the Fate of the Merciful One says,

“I hear an orchestra, I see an orchestra
I greet an orchestra, I meet an orchestra
I'm in an orchestra, I am an orchestra
I kill this orchestra, I kill me? No!”

The Electric Light Orchestra is the Ship of Fools..

Lightning Jack: “Don't bring me down! I'm tellin' you it's got to be the end. What happened to the girl I used to know? You let your mind out somewhere down the road..”

You don’t kill the Hotel Californication’s Beast with steely knives. You shut down the Power Grid that keeps his Lion [Lyin’] Heart alive.

“Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 State


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You are like car wreckers of this kind of blog. You just wrecked the post beautifully.


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