Monday, 12 December 2016

Body Function

This universe is perceived by having information inputted by the body's sensory organs and transferred via nerve cells to the brain. The brain takes this information and does a dimensional build. Matter has wave/particle duality. As wave, it's in an information state (no space, no time). The brain, just like code can describe dimensional representation for CGI builds, makes dimensional representations (with virtual particles) out of this information. We can't perceive this reality without having a physical body. The body, when examined, is designed to receive and interpret information. It simulates a three dimensional virtual interactive environment. The environment, when examined, is information in a non-spacial state (the collapsed wave) and when studied abstractly, is understood as wave functions. Waves are information (blue-prints) inputted by the senses. The nervous system is an information highway bringing it to the cpu (brain). It's designed to con- vert the blueprints to their appropriate three dimensional  representations. They are then comprehended by the mind and interpreted as a real physical reality.

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