Friday, 16 December 2016

Where's the Beef?

Someone said they would need hard evidence to believe spacetime reality is a creation of the brain. The human body is that hard evidence. Applying the scientific method, we discover the nervous system has only one purpose, namely, to be an information highway helping with the simulation of a reality that has distances between multiple locations and a linear time arrow with events leaving the present and going into the past. Something can't be both a particle and a wave. If it's a particle it can travel a distance in space causing a measurement of time. If it's a wave, it cannot. Is matter traveling space causing a measurement of time or is it not? The only way it could be both is if it was in one state and, because of some particular process, changed states. If awareness is dependent on the brain, who designed it? The body's purpose is to take ordered information (abstract blueprints)and send it to a converter (the brain) to be built into a three dimensional expression (particle placement is part of the information. Orbitals have x,y and z designation). Awareness then accepts what the brain has built from the instructions and doesn't consider it to be only a brain-creation made from fixed information.
The brain has four functions:
1. To keep all 13 systems functioning
2. To receive input from the senses so as to build 3D representational expressions from it.
3. To learn things that aren't innate to Being but are helpful for spacetime reality navigation and manipulation.
4. To provide conditions for the body to be able to fulfill its role as a means to fulfill the desires of Being.
The brain is a machine that has the function of converting the wave nature of the universe into its particle dimensional expression.
The brain can process.
The brain can acquire
The brain can't experience.
The brain can't understand.


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