Thursday, 15 December 2016


Creation isn't in a continual process of creation. We perceive the creating of it when our reference frame is in linear time reality. We time travel every time we incarnate. The body is a reference frame within a causal chain. All events on the causal chain are not in the past or the future in respect to one another until incarnation. Is the future uncertain? It is both certain and Now. All events are Now. From our reference frame, the event is to the right of us. All events to the left of us seem like they're in the past. All events are on a line curving at a constant rate of change. This causes the line to meet up with itself. There isn't an event that can be said to be before or after any other event. We keep the causal chain and present beingness together. It's the finite state; a state that is perceptually-dependent. The information received by the senses has now been converted into three dimensional representation by the brain. Our body is a reference frame acting as a single point of awareness. When a series of three dimensional non-motion events are seen in a seamless stack it causes the illusion of motion, a set of objects traveling a distance with a velocity. We know that the past doesn't actually exist as the past.The past exists as 'now' but our body isn't in that reference frame anymore to see it in existence. If the body is the virtual reality simulator, the reality caused by the body is virtual. If the virtual reality is the cause of the virtual reality simulator, the Theory of Evolution is positing that an effect can cause its own cause. We can all agree that effects can't cause their own causes.


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