Tuesday, 13 December 2016


There is no consciousness outside of bodies. Going outside the body puts the "I" outside of spacetime. Consciousness is not produced by a body. A body is produced by the "I" that experiences consciousness. Is something immaterial before it's formed or is it not formed yet? It works the way we see it in our day-to-day world. Someone thinks up an idea then the idea, if considered worthy enough, is set for actualization. The idea is written as instructions for construction and then the construction commences. Regarding the four dimensional spacetime interactive environment, it is sold to the Perceiver as real. It's a virtual construction by the brain from the information gathered by the senses.  All human brains work the same way. My brain is the same as your brain. It keeps the body functioning and converts the blue- prints for spacetime reality into the four dimension interactive expression. The brain is mass. Energy created it like all other mass objects. Energy creates mass the same way Mind creates thought. Everything actualized has to be thought of first: the idea stage, then coded into the blueprint state. It is then built into an actual representation (dimensional). This is how we do our own man-made creations.


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