Thursday, 8 December 2016

What Is Constant?

Infinite Space or zero space
Infinite Time or zero time
Infinite Mass or zero mass
Infinite Velocity or zero velocity
Everything in between will manifest as perceivable. How is Infinite space the same as zero space? Finite space is distance between loca- tions (objects). No objects means no distance. No distance means there is no distance to travel (zero space). How is Infinite time the same as zero time? Finite time is measured time from one event to another. Without objects traveling a distance there is no perception of objects moving from one location to another (the cause of linear time perception). How is Infinite mass the same as zero mass? Finite mass is de- fined energy or objects with mathematical descriptions and dimensions described with proportion (fractions). With no limits, it is limitless mass and with out definitions there is no defined object. How is Infinite velocity the same as zero velocity? Finite velocity describes how many frames one perceives in a given interval of linear time and frame changes only happen if an event has changed, i.e., an object or objects have changed location. Infinite velocity means that it changes locations instantaneously. This means there was zero travel time which is the same as never leaving the location it was at. This is the same thing as zero velocity or non-motion. Perceptual distance is what allows the opportunity for a time effect. In this defined space with a time effect we observe objects. Objects are made by small mass particles and these are created by definitions or values given or placed on/by energy. These objects are observed to be ones of motion; a velocity with a finite value or speed. If linear time is an illusion, what does longevity mean? The longer a person lives, the more non-motion events the "I" will be using that particular body. Spacetime was made so "I" could be different. Chaos happens when dissolution happens which is deter- mined by giving longevity values.


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