Monday, 5 December 2016

The Object

An image is an objectification of a subjective idea. We live in the Absolute but perceive the virtual. We know that only objects can travel a distance of space causing a measurement of linear time. This means non-objects such as Being (Subject) can't be a spacetime phenomenon. We are the timeless, spaceless observer. Objects have particle-nature. Only that which has particle-nature has three dimensions necessary for traveling distances in space.This space travel is what conditions a linear time measurement. A subject has no dimension and can- not travel a distance . This means there is no way for Subject to cause a measurement of linear time. Subject exists outside spacetime. If we understand mass as defined energy or energy that is limited by assigned values, masslessness would be undefined energy.  Infinite mass would be undefined which makes infinite mass (undefined energy) and Subject undifferentiated from one another.


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