Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Flat Ball

There is a reason why earth is perceived as a sphere from a distance and flat when on the surface. Infinity is symbolized by having no be- ginning and no end. This is a circle (zero) or a figure 8. Drawing a curve at a constant rate of change always causes the line to meet where it began. When an outside observer sees an object approaching the constant, time, space, mass and velocity are perceived to change together. This is the case when seeing mass from a distance. When we start at the surface, the surface seems to be flat (flat earth).  As we pull away, we perceive it curving. When we pull away far enough, we'll perceive it curving upon itself (no beginning and no end).

We see planets as spheres. This is the shape when two dimensional planes have their limits removed. Knowing that a straight line is a circle with an infinite radius, we can apply that same principle to a two dimensional plane. This explains satellite orbit. The moon's free fall vector is  parallel with a two dimensional plain, a straight line. This line has no end so it falls in an eternal loop or parallel to an unending two dimensional surface. The earth is holographic in nature, revealed by observing its relative nature. Its expression changes when perceived in different frames of reference. Being in a body that is on the surface gives us a flat earth reality.  As our frame of reference pulls away, it be- gins to curve until it completely curves upon itself, appearing spherical. The earth is like a plane, not a sphere, from any reference frame on earth's surface. The ground is always below our feet and the sky is always above our head.  We are always in the center regardless of our earth surface location. Birds are always flying right-side up. As our reference frame moves away from the surface, the straight line (finite line) slowly becomes a circle (infinite line) and curves upon itself having no plotted point that could be considered a beginning or ending.  Are we falling in a different direction depending on where on earth we're falling?  Only from a reference frame far from earth's surface. When we're on an earth surface reference frame there is no sphere. All of our neighbors have the ground below them, the sky above them and all the birds are flying right-side up. That's what we would observe if the earth was a plain rather than a sphere.

Everything curves perceptually, not actually. When we're told that spacetime curves, neither space (distance between locations) nor time is actually curving (time only exists as Always Now). Our ground acts in similar fashion. When we change reference (points of view) from ground to not-ground, we see it curve.  It curves at a constant rate of change. This makes it certain that at some point it will curve upon itself. That's what a sphere is. The eternal wheel or round of rebirths is made mathematically to be one without end.


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