Saturday, 10 December 2016

Testing For Real

Do we know if reality will hold according to our expectations? I know I parked my car but I don't know if it will be there when I visit that parking space. Notice how we don't panic every morning wondering if our children will still be our children or our wives and husbands will still be our wives and husbands. Those bodies are in a causal chain (effects are results of what caused them).  This is reality.  A body we call "partner" will be in the living room if our partner hasn't left it. This conforms to the Law of Causation. An idea is a potential state phenomenon. The idea 'isn't' until it's been actualized. Without fixed definitions or values, it hasn't become an object in an event found in a causal chain. Notice this theme present in our reality: looping day/night : birth/death : spring/summer/winter/fall. It makes sense to say the causal chain is a circle. No event can be a beginning or ending event but is a 'before event' or an 'after event' depending on the event our pov is in. Particles popping into existence from nothing is special creation. This is supernatural rather than a natural occurrence. Natural occurrences obey the Law of Causation. The elements or material building blocks are being created now, not 13 billion years ago.

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