Friday, 9 December 2016


What explains causation itself?

If information wasn't ordered and properly proportioned, spacetime reality wouldn't allow the kind of ex- periences we're having. Could we enjoy a movie if the speed of the movie frames kept changing or the distances and directions in the movie environment wouldn't stay consistent? It would be impossible to follow or make any sense or meaning. We can generate thoughts and dreams and ideas. Mind is our candidate for the one responsible for generating fixed information.

There is only one Perceiver being that it isn't material and can't exist in spacetime. The color "yellow", for example, is information.  It doesn't matter which brain is processing that information, it will still be interpreted the same way. We can put the same dvd in numerous dvd players and we'll always have that one movie being played. Information is real but not dimensional in format. All events are part of one complete causal chain. They had to come into existence complete. It is being in a reference frame that gives us the illusion the future is yet to be built. The nervous system is an in- formation highway. It brings the universe in its information state to the brain so that it can be represented in a dimensional form conducive to a spacetime reality. This means the one perceiving this reality (us) preceeds the universe that evolution is said to have produced us. That is what the wave/partical duality is all about. The actual universe is in a information state (waves) which gets represented dimensionally with particles described by that information. It is then built by the brain. If Mind is in the potential state with all possibilities of all combinations of all properties and values between zero and infinity, taking the right ratio/proportions of whatever possible property is at Mind's disposal could be "written" for actualization via virtuality. There would be:

finite values between zero and infinity for space
finite values between zero and infinity for time
finite values between zero and infinity for mass
finite values between zero and infinity for velocity

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