Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Argument Against the Hell Doctrine

God is Being. Without God is without Being. Without Being is without existence. The non-existent cannot experience Hell or any other state.  A literal hell realm or heavenly realm or any type of higher dimension cannot be an actual reality state. Knowing the true nature of reality one quickly realizes that there is no possibility for such a state as a higher dimension or a heavenly realm. There can only be two states; the Infinite State and the finite state. The Infinite State is where these four qualities abide as undefine; Infinite Space or Zero Space, Infinite Time or Zero Time, Infinite Mass or Zero Mass (Infinite Mind or Infinite Energy), and Infinite Velocity or Zero Velocity. The finite state is the spacetime dimension. This dimension is derived when finite values are chosen between zero and infinity;defined or finite space, time; the result of defined space, mass; the result of definitions or limits placed on energy and velocity which is speed under infinity and above zero.

1. If there is no place that can be considered Hell then there is no Hell
2. For Hell to exist it has to be a place
3. If there is a Hell there is a God that created it
4. For there to be an uncaused Causer of places such as Hell, such a Causer would have to be an unconditioned Being.
5. To be unconditioned, one would half to be non-finite or infinite
6. To be infinite would include omni


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