Thursday, 1 September 2016

Energy and Mass are Opposites

There is a commonly held, but incorrect, belief that energy and mass are one and the same.

 The mind knows its own being and recognizes its own being when seen in others. When a meeting takes place the result will be a feeling of safety, warmth, contentment, security and completion. The intellect, on the other hand, is a creation of mind. It's a functioning mechanism for reasoning, problem solving, differentiation and all other manner of tools giving us the ability to negotiate our spacetime experience.

Saying all is energy is the same thing as saying all is mind. Mind is where thoughts go. If we see reality as a wave, we need two and not just one. We need the medium and we need the disturbance. If we see reality as a movie, we need the screen and what is projected onto it. If we see reality correctly, we see objects and what illuminates those objects (light). Space is perceivable and measurable distance between locations. Time is the experience of perceiving events going into a past and heading toward a future. Mass is mathematically defined and described position coordinates for space-time objects. Energy is the unseen and infinite and the undefined Nothing that creates all somethings.

Our body is a tool for being to perceive and interact with a virtual spacetime reality.

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