Sunday, 4 September 2016

Stupid Ideas

The origin an outcome
from heads of the stubborn
Too lazy or dumb
To make good use
Of our power to apply
The much needed thought
For weeding out error
From our true treasure: truth.
There is no excuse.
Might is right?
Dad would win all fights.
When chilren are newly born,
A raise of his boot,
A quick slam own,
Another successful
Championship title defended,
Let's start working now,
On those dead child's
Pressing funeral plans.
Humans are animals?
We don't go to prison,
After a day of ducking hunting,
Three dead in the back
Of the pickup truck,
To serve justice
With a 20 year sentence.
Obeying rules is a valuable human outcrop?
Obeying a will
Outside your own
Makes you your own pretender
To your own personal throne.
People no longer
Have relations with you;
They're tolerating a version,
A cardboard you.
We are the body?
If you are the body,
You have the unenviable
Unfortunate position
Of belonging to me;
An owner's proposition.
You're left with a vulnerable,
Ownerless you;
I plan taking full advantage
And do as I wish I could to you.

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