Friday, 2 September 2016

The Nature of Objects

Object nature
Allows location change,
Finite velocity, Distance travel
Giving an observer
The opportunity to experience
A linear time illusion.
Objectless energy
Hasn't the nature
To either gain or release.
Gain and release
Is strictly object nature.
Computers are objects
And will never be conscious.
For a computer
To become 'subject',
It would have to exist
In a state
That a Subject can exist.
This is the infinite state
(no space, no time).
Objects exist in Subject
Just as mass exists
In Energy
And thought exists
in Mind.
Have a finite velocity.
Objects in space
Will find the velocity
That gives them
A weightless value
And once
That velocity is reached,
It holds Unless another mass object
Causes resistance.
Objects in spacetime
Obey the Law of Causation.

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