Wednesday, 7 September 2016

To-Do List

To be in harmony
With what is,
It's crucial to know
That "I" is reality;
Not what most Buddhist teachers teach.
To be trapped
In the left hemisphere of the brain
Is to be trapped
In the material;
When the Light comes in contact
With the left-brained,
The darkness
Comprehends it not.
To correlate linear time
With spacial distance,
An object
Must be traveling that distance.
To enter an event
In the past or the future,
It would require
A birth in a body
In the event
You were attempting to enter.
To free someone
Is to release someone from victimization.
To pardon someone
Is to excuse a persecutor.
To identify as human
Is to identify
With the human form.
To know the difference
Between the Self
And the not-Self,
Between the perceptually-dependent reality
And perceptually-independent reality
Is to remove delusion.
To know your True Self
Makes living as an ego,
To make finite properties
From infinite properties,
Is caused in the non-differentiated.
To make something finite
Is to set a limit on it.
To make this planet compatible
With human fulfillment,
Humanity should be socialized
In community sizes,
Not unmanageable countries
With twenty-five to fifty million citizens.
To realize we are the Buddha
Is to realize we aren't the ego.
To repent
Is to commit the unpardonable sin.
To say something is relative
Is to say the measurements,
Or values,
If the reference frame changes.
To say something moves
Faster than the speed of light
Is the same thing as saying
Something moves slower
Than non-motion.
To say that something ought not be
Is saying that God
Did something he shouldn't have done.
You called God a sinner.


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