Monday, 19 September 2016

The Living Buddha

The Living Buddha is one who realizes he is the Buddha. Everyone else are unrealized Buddhas. When you realize you are also the Bud- dha, there will be no need for attaching the qualifer 'arrogant' to your claim: "I am the Living Buddha". Who was the Infinite One? I am, as all egos, a branch. If the branch (finite self) is rooted in the River of Life, it will be used by the Living Buddha to manifest Divine Life into the world. The Holy Spirit is the Undefined. As soon as definitions are added, it becomes unholy. Religions and sects are not Living Bran- ches used by Divine intervention. They are dead sticks trying to imitate Divine Life. The Infinite One was Siddhartha's Buddha, Jesus' Father and Rumi's Visiting Friend. The Living Buddha is the Word made flesh, Infinite One entering a particular reference frame or body of one who has realized the true nature of space (perceivable distance between locations), the true nature of linear time (a dimension made by stacking non-motion moment-events together), the true nature of velocity (the speed three-dimensional event frame-rates change), the true nature of mass (defined or limited energy), mathematically defined dimensions for 3D object expression, the true nature of the human body (a virtual reality simulator), and the true nature of soul (Infinite Being, Undefined Mind).

Instead of asking if the non-understood can be disproved, why not ask if what is has been understood. The Buddha is Teacher of the true nature of reality, the true nature of Being by Infinite Being Itself. The Buddha teaches through egos. The teaching isn't sourced from any of the ego's learning in spacetime reality. The Teaching comes from the Knowing nature of Being Itself. Why do Buddhas teach? Teaching is to lead one to truth, avoiding the method of listening blindly to ideas and accepting them as truth without an inner witness or a confirmation of knowingness. Divine Teaching doesn't posit the merits of faith-based claims.

There are helpful ways for leading one out of delusion and into realization (enlightenment). Speak to your True Self and offer willingness to give up worldly wealth, fame, reputation, talents, gifts, family and friends. Practice Vipisanna as much as possible. When you do vipisanna, note all that is happening around you. Notice that all phenomena, sensations and identifications with the finite is separate from your original unchanging nature. You're trying to break the ego-illusion. If you can do it during every wak- ing moment, then do so. There are a lot of resources online for this practice. Ask yourself questions about all phenomena, both of the spacetime state and the spaceless-timeless state. Some good questions to contemplate are ones about reality's phenomena. 'what is space?' 'what is time?' 'what is finite?' 'what is math?' 'what is nature?' 'what is God?' 'what is good and evil?' 'what is death?'

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