Tuesday, 20 September 2016


There are only four dimensions and the dimensionless. Proportion is important for spacetime to be an accessible reality. Fractions are a way to describe proportion. There are three direction vectors in perceptual space, namely, length, width and height. There is one direction vector for linear time which measures the number of non-motion events that can be experienced by a perceiver in a given amount of time. The universe is really inside the infinite state but we don't recognize it because of the brain feeding us virtual reality. Spacetime reality is caused by perceiving distance between locations.Linear time, or intervaled time is perceiving a dimensional object travel a distance. Chan- ging locations less than instantaneously will cause a former location of the object to be perceived as a past event. This results in linear time awareness.

Spacetime is a simulation of space, time and spacetime objects/phenomena. Simulations are math-based and objective spacetime reality is also math-based rather than 'stuff' or 'substance'. A perception of space can be shown to be existing by perception alone exemplified by the 3D movie. Space is perceivable and measureable distance between locations. Time is the experience of percieving events going into a past and events heading toward a future. Mass is caused by mathematical definitions and position coordinates for spacetime objects. Energy is the unseen, infinite and undefined Nothing that creates all somethings. Our body is a tool for Being to perceive and interact with a virtual spacetime reality. Our Being is the same as Energy. Our Mind is the same as Being. Our Soul is the same as Mind. The human body is designed to simulate a real space and time environment that doesn't truly exist.


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