Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Reality = Logic

Reality cannot be separated from logic. All reality can be logically deduced. What is is Logic itself. Reason was used in every atrocity known to man. Reasoning is the attempt to find what correlates with what is through the biased and fallible individual. Can two things that contradict one another both be true?
1. A man created the universe
2. A man didn't create the universe.
A man didn't create the universe because God isn't a man. Jesus was a man. Did Jesus create the universe? If you say yes,  you say a man both did create the universe and did not create the universe. You have to take every idea and see if it can pass by the Bouncer at the door to Club Reality: Mr. Logic. You can't have physical evidence for the non-physical but you can arrive at the truth of non-physical reality by logical deduction.

If it's logical, it's real. Subjective Logic is an oxymoron.Logic is how reality is described. Is it possible to manipulate environments or ob- jects with mind power? Perception is receiving, not transmitting. Claiming to manipulate the environment is claiming that perception is outflow rather than inflow (reception). To observe particles popping into existence and then claiming the cause of these particles being manifested isn't real is illogical. We don't think with logic. We know immediately within us what is logical. That we have the concept 'perfect' in our awareness is evidence that the perfect is a reality.

Reason was used in every atrocity known to man. When one is fully aware of how reason can be used to effectively reason us out of common sense, we'll be less vulnerable to self-deceit. The truth is represented by Jesus at his crucifixion flanked by thieves on either side. One thief is theism, the other thief is atheism. The Truth, the Innocent One, is crucified in the center. Jesus said, 'The truth shall set you free'  -not-  'Your belief shall set you free.' The biblical text stating that all scripture is God-breathed is strategic in that it causes the religious adherent to seek their guidance from words in a book rather than being taught by the Spirit of Truth which resides within all of us if we only had the ears to hear. The truth is beliefs are not knowing. Only knowing of reality has any real meaning. Even if we believe something correlating with reality, what is the point if we don't know it (have actual understanding of it)? Knowing something makes believing irrelevant.

Only Liars worry about questions and what happens when they're answered. Those in the truth are completely at peace and content with both the questions and the answering of them. Theory-schmeory, I want the real deal. I like the parables because they are very hard to counterfeit as they have the nature to cam- ouflage wisdom and we can't camouflage something we don't have. Faith is living truth even when nobody else is.

There is a false fire that is incapable of exuding divine warmth. Atheism is a rejection of both fables and the truth. The only way human consciousness increases its love/wisdom quotient is by not mincing words. We have to challenge ourselves to apply thought to all of the ideas we've collected and see if they match with what we know is true about reality. There is so much misinformation both purposely dispensed and unintentionally be- cause the ideas are erroneously believed to be true.


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