Monday, 12 September 2016

The Gospel According to Saint Logic

Logic is discarded in this example;
1. The bible tells us not to worship images.
2. Christians say the bible is the word of God.
3. Christians worship Jesus.
4. The Bible says that Jesus is an image (2 Corinthians 4:4 'Jesus Christ, who is the image of God).

Religion of Irrationality will often make claims of Israel being the Creator's particular love interest.
Do I view a Creator of billions of galaxies to be a tribal god on one planet in one galaxy?
No, of course not!

Since location is perceptual and can only become many if perception takes place in bodies acting as reference frames, for Heaven and Hell to be real places, they'd have to be the very same place.

RE: Baby Baptism
Participating in ritual can only be meaningful if you understand it.

*The religious leaders were into breaking up the Most Holy Family, loving the Father, hating the Son.

*Believing means not knowing. If you don't know, why teach it as if it was something you did know?

*If the bible says a woman's glory is her hair, and God wants to have the glory covered, does that mean God is anti-glory?

*Dietary laws are illogical. How has a human being been aversely affected by eating pork chops or lobster?

*When a religious person was questioned on why the Divine would have any need of our worship this answer was provided; "I don't know if God desires worship but the Creator deserves it." Essentially, what this answer boils down to is God may not want it but if he doesn't, he still deserves it. When we get what we don't want but what we deserve we call that 'punishment'. The answer implies that God deserves to be punished.

*We're not going to heaven. There's no such place. That is used to get us to never let go of our false beliefs because we're afraid we'll be giving up Heaven. That's how brainwashing works.  An indoctrinated individual asks what our proof is that heaven or hell does not exist.  Simply stated, it's illogical and logic can't be seperated with 'what is'. It's illogical to claim there to be phenomena that belongs to a space- time reality (our universe). Thrones and trumpets belong in a reality that has bodies and gravity. What is a throne made of? What is the throne resting on? How does a spirit sit? We sit because we get tired from gravity and our bodies get tired. Trumpets need wind. Wind is part of an earthly existence, not spirit. All we have to do is apply some thought to know it's made up. Bodies are for this kind of reality only. Bodies in a spirit reality make no sense nor do thrones, robes, wings, trumpets, crowns, etc... We could ask that same person what their proof is that at the moment of their own death a green 1000 foot gerbil manifests to chew that person alive for sixteen years if they don't wash their hair in their own urine every Sunday.

'Prophecy' is really a magick spell based on an understanding of the principle: SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY. If an individual adopts that prophecy as their own, they will act in a way that best produces the conditions to bring that prophecy to fruition.

*Sex is sinful if it's being performed by two people who haven't gone through a ceremony of  committment which promises each other that  sex will always be excluded to anyone other  than between the two making this committment. This idea has no logical basis.

*The efficacy of wiping out every one except one family to rid the world of sin is illogical  when one considers the only way to repopulate would be to commit the sin of incest.

*Claiming that God has two natures that are in opposition with one another is illogical. God can't be both omnipresent and be localized within space and time. If omnipresent, there is  non-localization and vice versa.

*This is the end to believing in Abrahamic gods. The way spacetime reality works won't allow for their existence here. The universe's three dimensional expression is built by the brain from information inputted by the senses so the universe isn't even outside of us. It's inside of us. Only information can be expressed by the brain so if Jehovah and Allah were immaterial beings, they couldn't possibly exist in a space-time reality meeting up with humans in undisclosed parts of town, booming voices from clouds, having their fingers come out of the sky to write thing on the ground on tablets of stone. No immaterial being to overshadow virgins or blind St.Paul on the road to Damascus.

*"Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen."  If the things hoped for are not existing now, those things are substance-less.


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