Friday, 16 September 2016


Bodies dwell inside One Soul;
They're all built,
Bodies also will dissolve;
Awareness isn't built;
If it isn't meat and bones,
There's nothing to dissolve.
Simulating space and time;
Bringing info in;
Once it's in,
It takes a ride
For conversion by our brain.
Pressures from environment,
Have no way of knowing,
Info coming in as waves
Is what our Mind needs showing.
Bodies have Designer's purpose,
To see, hear, smell, touch, feel
Not to wish for Heaven's kind;
The earth is our Big Deal.
Bodies were never meant to be
A personal vanity project;
That's an inverse inward flow,
Instead of outward flow to objects.
Same as all mass objects;
Made of virtual particles,
They fall in space until they can't
Meeting earthly surface;
People all around the globe
The surface of this sphere;
Fall omnidirectionally
Not from there-to-here;
All direction no direction;
Exactly both the same;
You'll never find a center,
When you're going every way.
Bodies in a spirit realm
Makes no sense at all;
Nor do thrones,
Or trumpets,
Blowing Armageddon's call.


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