Friday, 9 September 2016

Atheist Tricks of the Trade

Atheism can be considered 'untouchable' for their bet-hedging.  If one argument needs more than one universe to counter a claim then that is the argument that will be used. If one argument needs the universe to be 'all that exists'  then that one will be used. Children have the value of a laptop computer under Atheistic reality: a biogenetic co2 generator with electrical patterns for personality. There are two kinds of atheists.  The first one doesn't believe in anthropomorphic gods-of-judgment having plans and demands for humans. The second variety believes that the seen world didn't need to proceed from the Unseen ignoring the fact that mass (the seen) proceeds from energy (the Un-seen).

Show me a concept that hasn't been actualized into a reality and I'll show you an actualization that isn't a concept any more. If you don't know something, you ask until an answer is understood. Don't accept answers that failed to bring you understanding. If chakras were real objects they would be outside the sensory organs. Anything perceivable starts out as information that hasn't entered them yet. If they aren't perceivable, how can we say they exist?  Hollow earth theory? We have to find the bottom otherwise the inner is really the outer.  Accepting a higher power is teaching us to see our self as a lower power. People aren't broken. If they're struggling with their mental life it's because of wrong views. Correct the views and mental life won't cause suffering.

Imagination is an often unmined territory. A shame for we can have a lot of great adventures there if we know how to travel. We aren't the character in our sleeping dream. We aren't the character in our waking dream. If we just remember who we are, we'll suddenly recognize that we, in fact, are the Creator. Are dreams meant to teach us lessons? We alone are the creator of our dreams. We just created a story. It doesn't have a meaningful relationship to the waking life. It just borrows characters and experiences as content for our dreams. The more exciting the drama of a past event the larger the footprint it makes. The larger the footprint an experience makes the easier it is to recall. When the recalled drama is viewed, it conditions empathy. That empathy is experiencing now what was experienced in the past. If we can get focused on something in front of us, the past fear-provoker cannot abide in the mind at the same time. 

Art is making realities. Every song we listen to creates a new reality.  All of our creations are creating realities.

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