Sunday, 11 September 2016

"I", Now and Here

There is only "I", "now" and "here". Anything that delineates from those three aspects would be perceptually-existing only. The difference between energy and matter is that energy is infinite mass (the photon, in order to go the speed of light, must have infinite mass) and matter has finite mass. When Infinite Energy becomes finite, it becomes mass. When the Undifferentiated becomes differentiated, it becomes in- formation.When the Flux becomes limited, it becomes stasis. When the Subject becomes mortal, it becomes object (a body::identification with name n' form).

It's just as easy to perceive an infinity of something as it is zero of something. The Imperceptible aspect of reality is absolute and unchanging, the perceivable aspect of reality is conditioned and in constant flux. When we have a limited property, we need that which limit can be placed on. Infinity is not a number. It's not a finite value (a number which can correlate to an actualized object count). Let me demonstrate the lack of difference there is between zero and infinity. Zero isn't a number if you can't have a number of zero things to perceive. It's just as impossible to perceive an infinity of something as it is zero of something. A finite square is a shape limited by four lines and we can perceive it. An infinite square would be a limitless one and we would remove the four lines and perceive no square which is what we perceive when there is no-square. Zero velocity is non-motion Infinite velocity is instantaneous travel from departure to arrival which means zero travel and would be identical to non-motion. Zero mass is the same as infinite mass because when you take limit off of mass there's nothing to weigh or measure, just like a mass object that wasn't there. Zero time and infinite time is the same thing because Now is zero seconds long and never ends.


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