Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Double-Slit Experiment

Those who want us to accept the results of the double-slit experiment are telling us that we are active in this spacetime movie when we're merely passive to the immersive movie our brains are presenting to us. We could no more influence the outside world than we can influence a scene in a movie we're watching with our friends. The particle state needs a brain to make it come into fruition. The Theory of Evolution requires that the particle state isn't a product of a brain's representation.We get the information first before we get a chance to be conscious of it. What that experiment is saying is that we are conscious of the information first before it gets presented to us: not a logical possibility. A hard drive is a machine that can take in information and have that information available for processing by some other component; both components being intended for some purpose. Our body is the hard drive and our brain is the processor. The mind is the one the purpose of this machine was built for. It's impossible to change an event by observing it.

The event is already actualized before perception takes place. The senses receive the event's information before it gets to the brain. By the time we perceive that event the new one is already being received by the senses, ad infinitum. We can't escape Now, but we can perceive one event while our senses are receiving the next one. Every day is our birthday, being present in the even that showcase's our entrance into this world. This is supported by the lack of appearance an is appearance of the other state of matter. Matter has wave/particle duality but only the particle state can allow perception of leaving our awareness an freshly appearing. Is evolution mathematically possible? If it isn't mathematical, it isn't actual. Not all math can describe actualized phenomena but all actualized phenomena can be described by math. The only changes that can happen from a mathematical stand-point are values for trait variation to traits present. Using variables, conditions can be defined for a variety of values. Would we make dvds (information) if there were no dvd players to make that information useful? That's what matter waves are. They're information which our bodies can make use out of. The sense organs know how to receive the information, the nervous system knows how to transport the information and the brain knows how to convert the wave state into the particle state -- virtual particles built into a virtual spacetime reality.

If every galaxy is a wave-state universe, we can be sure there are wave-state players (bodies) making use of that information. Waves are information at one location where that location has been superpositioned into two with perceived distance between them so that it is stretched out.

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