Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dedicated to Denise Dianaty: Don'ts in Bite Sizes

Don't be the thinker. 

Don't own the thoughts. Say to yourself, "today was the day these thoughts came for a visit. They won't stay long. I'll leave them alone and they'll be on their way shortly.

Don't believe the hype. This world in an eternal loop called the 'wheel of suffering and death".

Don't bother telling me what you think. That means you're as much in the dark as I am before you open your mouth.

Don't call "I" awareness or consciousness.  The "I" needs to make contact with something to be aware of or conscious of.

Don't confuse 'concept' with 'pointer'. If a word is pointing to an actual phenomenon, it's not a concept.

Don't live in the past. Existence is Always Now. If we're in the past, we're playing with ghosts.

Don't separate raw experience from the meaning we couch them in. Just like a ring, we have the precious gem and the setting for it. The experience is the whole piece of jewelry, not just the stone.

Don't wish to be what you aren't. If you do that, you set your self up for a 100% chance of failure.

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