Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Every Single One

Every Single One

Every 3D object we see
Has both bottom and a top.
Every dimensional event we see
Is non-motion event that's stopped.
Every galaxy that we see
Is an independent one;
Spacetime galaxy universe;
No connection to the other ones.
Every location is the center;
Every person on this planet
Is directly in the center
And the top surface of this planet.
Every other object with it
Equally in an equal free fall.
Every 2D plane is infinite,
2D appears as a 3D ball.
When the vector of the free fall
Is parallel with an infinite plane
It will orbit as it falls;
No airports for this aeroplane.
Every non-motion moment event
Has just three spacial dimensions;
If traveler hadn't gone or went,
There is no linear time dimension.
Every member of our family
Will all get their regeneration
Once the Liar has been ousted,
None for a thousand generations.
Every stranger, a potential friend
This, my friend, is something factual;
All your enemies, disguised friends;
Turn the potential into actual.

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