Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Response to the Luciferian Principles

My response to the Luciferian Principles:
1. The Luciferian is a superior illuminated being, and stands above idol worshippers.

-Being isn't superior nor inferior because there's only one. It's the container that houses being that is

2. The Luciferian is proud of being all that is.

Pride has no use but to look aesthetically unpleasing to others.

3. The Luciferian is free to do as he wishes while accepting the consequences.

Every human, Luciferian or not, is free to do as he wishes while accepting the consequences.

4. The Luciferian is a person who strives for wealth, and lives in prosperity.

The Luciferian is a person who thinks the inferior (material hoarding) is the superior (community well-being).

6. The Luciferian is merciful on those who have proven themselves worthy to him.

This is a good principle provided that worth is determined correctly.

7. The Luciferian is cruel and wrathful to those who have proven themselves worthy.

Fuck with the bull, get the horns.

8. The Luciferian is a superior illuminated being, and stands above idol worshippers.

Which leads us to ask what purpose the first two actions are being performed for.

9. The Luciferian respects Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Luciferian is a mind with a body and the Spirit isn't any different than that of the mind. Respect isn't really needed. Just go and fuck shit up and have a good time while you're doing it.

10. The Luciferian does not convert, Luciferianism is only for the elite, unlike Christianity where you may convert every fool that you come across.

If the Luciferian is in the truth, the Luciferian is helping enlighten the whole of humanity the more that truth enters to push the lies out.

11. The Luciferian loves the earth and the sun, the stars and nature.

Why doesn't he marry them, then?

12. The Luciferian respects people of abrahamic faiths, and accepts their inferior existance.

To value all human brothers and sisters, theists or atheists, is wise. To respect error that the humans are mired in has no wisdom.

13. The Luciferian puts reason, the self and common sense squarely above god.

What god? Logic is fail-safe. Reason can be used to reason one self out of the truth.

14. The Luciferian has no fear, be that of hell fire or thunder bolt.

That would be the most rational response to unreality.

15. The Luciferian whole heartedly accepts science and human inguenuity, as the most holy of principles.

If by science it's meant the scientific method, that can be a valuable method for figuring out stuff. You need to keep in mind that you're measuring from a relative reference frame, though, so find out what observation of the same phenomena would be from the constant's pov.

16. The Luciferian has but one mortal enemy, ignorance.

That can be said for the whole of humanity.

17. The Luciferian exalts the throne of man, on top of the rotting corpse of the abrahamic god.

Don't put either on the throne. That's equally a bad move. Put natural will on the throne, and the world will run like paradise and not a broken coo-coo clock.

18. The Luciferian is held back by one person only, the self.

This contradicts the one that says only ignorance is the enemy. Is the self or ignorance opposing you?

19. The Luciferian has a sun burning inside of him, thus he may shine brighter than the subhumans.

Wanna cookie? smh

20. The Luciferian has a free heart, clean soul and a mind of purity (free of abrahamic vile).

Freedom and joy are the states of an Ideal Humanity. Conquer the only enemy, ignorance, and allow it to be.

21. The Luciferian is perfect, perfection is a constant state of improvement.

Perfection is boring. Just accept and embrace your sexy imperfection.

23. The Luciferian is might incarnate, a god in the flesh, the highest expression of life in this world.

If the Tao, or the Infinite Original Nature is allowed to manifest through the body, it will bring the most satisfaction to one in that body.

24. The most beautiful thing in Terra are the men and women who walk upon her.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're here to get laid.

25. The ugliest thing in Terra is stratified religion and dead idols.

Saying "lies" would cover all the bases.

26.Keep your words of wisdom in the shadows, the light is not for those who are without. Lest you regret it sorely.

This advice is an obstacle to a whole humanitary enlightenment and an Ideal human experience on our earth.


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