Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Nothing Something

The Something is a noun state. We call unaware objects non-being. We know that mass (material, dimensional property, measurable/ quantifiable) is something created by energy (non-material, non-dimensional, unmeasurable/unquantifiable) which is nothing (no thing). Every thing we invent starts as an idea. The idea then becomes information. Next, that information is actualized. The 'Nothing' state is the Idea state or the Potential state. The 'something' state is the actualized state by way of perceived information. Somethings exist forever. All somethings are captured in events and all events are Always Now. Only one event at a time is percieved when the pov is incarnated bodily. This means linear time awareness gives the illusion that what is no longer perceived or not yet perceived doesn't actually exist. Nothing (No Thing or Mind/Being/Will) is the Eternal Now. The One Mind is Nothing. The 'everything' is content in Mind. It has as much actual exist- ence as the thoughts entering our mind. The one true miracle is Mind producing thought (something out of nothing). Nothing happens to the Soul/Energy. It is Always Now, Always Here. Things are made from particle-defining and particle-placement co-ordinates. Energy is not information. The Incarnating into bodies differentiates Soul into the many. A perceptual reality with space and intervals of time then becomes possible. Locations can separate by finite distances.

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