Saturday, 20 August 2016

Reasons For God

Is there a reasonable or convincing case for the existence of gods?

We have the power to create and to destroy. Creator, therefore, exists. The gods are egos and egos are conditioned on delusion which disqualifies them from being Creator. We're a god. Our existence is proof of finite creators. All finites are made by putting limits on the Infinite. The imperceivable aspect of reality is absolute and unchanging, the perceivable aspect of reality is conditioned and in constant flux.

Can existence be created?

There is only Creator and created. If it isn't creation, it's necessarily Creator. 'I Am' is the Creator. There is only the One in billions of bodies. If we were to take away all the bodies, we'd be left with the One, the 'I Am'. There are false gods or ego-deities described by religions having Abraham as a shared historical fig- ure in relationship with this favored Deity. The Deity can be characterized as one that desires worship, obedience and blood sacrifices that act as a scapegoat that enables the allowance of a stay of this God's wrath, a quality fit for the purposes of retribution. There is also the In- finite Egoless One who is Unconditional Love, Non-judgment and the Empathizer of all Beings, not just people that are in the same club or belief system as him. All deities are egos and egos are the not-God. God is All.

Can God be evil?

Infinite Wisdom cannot act from delusion. Evil is an act springing from delusion. Limits are needed to be placed on this wisdom before delusion can arise. Egos happen when God thinks it isn't God, gets lost and sometimes so lost that it harms other egos. That is evil caused by ignorance.

Will we be judged by God?

When we realize our finite self or ego is an avatar in simulated spacetime and that the only Living Person is the Player of the game and owner of every single avatar involved in all these spacetime adventures, the idea of a Divine Judge becomes absurd. Humans aren't just ego carriers. They are the egos of God. When all egos realize this, they'll come to understand to hurt another ego is to hurt their True Self. Ego-gratification can co-exist with valuing others equal to our self. The God presented today is an ego. Egos demand loyalty, are jealous and punish us if we dare disobey their laws.

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