Monday, 1 August 2016


Will is always static and the DNA and environment of our individual bodies will be the exact same organization no matter how many times we live that life so we would never do anything differently. What is the origin of our will? It can't be given to us.  Will isn't an object. Only objects can be given. Will doesn't need will power. Willpower is power to fight the natural will. It should be called anti-will power.Will power is a misnomer.  It isn't the will's direction to stop the will.  Are there two wills, one to fulfill the desire of the flesh and one to fulfill the desire of the Spirit? The Divine Will always seeks the pleasant over the unpleasant.  When the body has a need, an unpleasantness will be experienced and Divine Will wants to have that removed. The way a body appetite is removed is to give the body what it's asking. Di- vine Will isn't trying to escape the body but simply to experience the most pleasant and to avoid the least pleasant. Wisdom is knowing how the needs of the will can be met. The best way is not to deny the body's appetites but to satisfy them. Egoic or satanic living isn't the experiencing of sensual pleasure but believing in ownership of the experiences and separation from 'other'. Rape is having sex against our will. The 'having sex' part isn't the bad part.  The 'against our will' part is. Will is the same in everyone. If we want to cause a rapist to be punished with unpleasantness, we want to do what the rapist did, namely, to make them go through an experience against their will. How are we then any better than a rapist?

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