Monday, 15 August 2016

Belief is Unnecessary

One should never believe when knowledge is available. Attacking a reasoned argument is a common strategy for defending beliefs against the enemy: the truth. If we profess a belief, we profess ignorance. This let’s us know what the true nature of reality is. This puts us on solid ground. We then have a foundation for a solid move forward in life. We don't need opinions. We need to know what is actually taking place in contrast with what actually isn't.

Love and Truth are neither religions nor denominations.The problem with religious apologetics is its use of well-crafted reasons to bring a convincing impression meant to cause the recipient to acknowledge it as a valid idea. This is the case regardless whether the argument matches the actual situation or not. Beliefs are what we do when we don't know how to live in the here and now. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid elsewhere. If knowing that believing something doesn't automatically make the belief true, why would one be so committed to it?

Beliefs can affect us even if they're untrue ones. We act in a manner that would mimic what we do if those beliefs were true. If we believe we're being chased by a killer, we'll run the same way we'd run being chase by an actual killer. Believing is self-deceiving. Personalities make no sense without the body because the body represents the personality. Can we realize relying on any belief for our reality model is unwise? Can we, instead, realize what reality is? If we think we understand it, we don't understand it. Under- standing comes by way of revelation. Humans, whether theists or atheists, are unbelievers while they're focused on some specific task at work. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid elsewhere. Both theist and atheist know there's some- thing wrong if they see an elderly woman being abused. Both aren't thinking about their respective beliefs during this drama. Is there any difference between the two looking at their physicality (both human)? What was on their minds during the watching of this drama together?

Believing means you don't know it to be true. Once you know it to be true, it can no longer be called a belief. Discovering the truth makes us blessed, not genius. Consistency is the main ingredient in Truth. The truth has come to wrestle the lie to the ground so that world peace can finally abound. Satan represents the enemy of Truth or the Lie Teller. Find the lie and give it a big dose of truth and we'll see it shrivel and rupture in a pathetic episode of defeat. If we want to be proud, be proud of our courage to be authentic. If we don't know the difference between what is and what isn't true, we won't have the sight for wise navigation.

When truth confronts lies, sparks fly! Truth is able to slay the most intimidating of lies. Truth gets established by wrestling with the mystery until it tires and gives up its secrets. The Truth said, "I am not of this world. I am from above, you are from below." If this is our world, we are from below and separated from the Truth. The Truth is always angry at lies. If we're not angry at lies, we are one of them. If we fight against the truth we fight against that which sets us free. The man that speaks the truth is irrelevant. The truth that is spoken is what is to be valued. Truth is without meaning and meaning is without truth but will is true. Will desires to make meaning from the meaningless. Truth is always more powerful than a lie.

The bolder we are with the truth, the more easily the lies become casualties. There's only one truth to realize. It doesn't matter when or where we realize it.

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