Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Another New Dawn

The God of Judgment curses his children with the Curse of the Law that binds us to imprisonment. The God of Light blesses his children by saving us from the curse and setting the captives free.

It's the New Aeon: We're entering the Garden from the other side of the Perfect Circle, the same Perfect Circle that Maynard James Keenan names his band after. The Garden is the Ideal Human state on this earth and it's both in our past and in our future but deep into our past and at the cusp of our future. The events of earthly existence are in a circle so that no event can be seen as a first or last one. Think of our seasons. Which is the first day? The first day could be the first day of Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.

The Ideal Human state is one where humans are all one big family, no more enemies and they understand how the state of well-being is conditioned so that state is maintained generation after generation. I don't know anything other than this existence so I can't answer for other realities but I can tell you that all other existences share the same four dimensions and the only other state is a dimensionless state. We don't really enter but we have a place on the circle that we, as individuals, have our point of awareness. This point is confined to one relative reference frame at a time.

The other side of the perfect circle isn't the other side. It's the event horizon (circle) collapsing to a singularity, or the middle point in the circle. From our shared reference frame we're entering a new section of the circle. We can call it the Circle of Sections. They're seamless, but they have periods distinguished from one another. Think of harmony and disharmony.. it goes from one to the other. The circle exists with all of its sections simultaneously.

Individuals can find the ideal state no matter where you are on the circle, but there's a section where all of humanity experiences it as one whole.

Light and dark. Our planet is half lit, but has a dawn and a dusk.

So that's how the circle sections will be: There will be a long period of darkness and human unhappiness and a long period of light and human happiness and between these two sections are the cusps: dawn and dusk, we are in the dawn right now: this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..

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