Friday, 26 August 2016



God can be Uncaused
Because God is Nothing.
God hasn't the nature to deceive.
God hates religion
But loves incarnating into bodies.
God increased His available choices
By setting limits on the infinite,
Creating a finite reality.
God is a label for..
The Absolute,
Infinite Self.
God is Being what comes natural.
Without God is without Being;
Without Being is without existence.
God is Good.
They should have never taken that second 'o' out.
God is interested in our creative freedom,
Not our conformity to standards.
God is love.
When we love someone,
We're doing the loving.
God is the Egoless One,
Only wanting to experience a spacetime reality
Through avatars.
God is the one
That promotes the joys of sex, drugs and rock and roll...
While the devil,
with judging and pointing finger,
Be the indignant moralist.
God wears clothing with the brand name: NOTGOD.
God's Word is written
On the tablets of our heart;
Living words on a living page.

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