Friday, 19 August 2016

Mass Awakening

Put in your vote for who you think the 100th monkey will be:

a) A member of the Rothschild clan
b) Barack Obama
c) Queen Elizabeth II
d) Pope Francis

This is it. Today, with your participation, we will have a mass awakening. To be an active participant, all you have to do is paste the information provided in this post on to your own page for your own unique personal influence, your fb friends, to be exposed to these revelations so that they can also be part of spreading this information that can't help but awaken our world.

1. The method to discovering the nature of our universe:

Time dilation is the behavior of perceived passing of time when an object exceeds its terminal velocity and approaches the constant (speed of light). If the object's velocity change at a constant rate, the slowing own of time would also be change at a constant rate. If the velocity achieves light's speed, time would be at complete stand-still. This shows us what the universe is like outside of all reference frames. No motion of particles, no difference in time between one end of the universe to the other. Why? Because all particles coalesce into one single location leaving no space for location change. The only way for a universe to exist is for it to come into being complete. There isn't any time or distance for it to happen progressively. Every event has to be a non-motion event because there is no real motion in reality. This means that cause an effect aren't conditioned by movement but by changing coordinates of an event's particle configuration appropriate for a believable and natural flow for a participant immerse in the reality. We know that it is always night time for the stars we see in the night sky because our earth is always half lit, the half that earth inhabitants see as blue sky instead of a black one. We also know that light can only make objects perceptible and is, itself, always imperceptible. This means that a blue sky is a surface for light to illuminate. What is the surface made of and why is it the color blue? Why is our moon the size it is? Because the definitions are such for the purpose of the solar eclipse phenomenon. It's very simple math. All that needs to be done is have the moon be 400 x closer to the earth and 400x smaller than the sun.

2. The truth about the universe's particles:

Computer animation is the fruit of knowing how this universe is actually built. This means that all those computer science pioneers have kept a very big secret from us an know that:

a. Light doesn't move.
b. There is only one particle superpositioned by a computer.
c. There is no beginning of time.
d. Bodies, like all other mass objects, have wave nature, which are blueprints of their positions for all events their life spans allow which means they know that the Theory of Evolution model for explaining the origins of earth's various body forms is also a lie. There can only be two particles, electron (-) and positron (+). One location will only allow for one particle. This is mimicked by those who invented computer code: 1's an 0's. The phenomenon, daylight, happens when the particles on the surface of mass objects have been switched on from off, or switched to positive (electron with a positive charge) from negative (electron with a negative charge). The phenomenon, night, happens when the particles on the surface of mass objects have been switched off from on, or switched to negative (electron with a negative charge) from positive (electron with a positive charge).

3. Our particular universe (the Milky Way) is mathematically defined to run as an unending reality:

Spheres in space are infinite 2D planes. Being infinite means they are mathematical in nature and have no actual stuff/substance. A spherical representation object has a looping feature in the math which means it was defined for a permanent reality. It's an eternal universe that will never end. Knowing that the events are mathematically defined with loops, we know it doesn't need any energy source to keep it going. It's an infinite perpetual motion reality and can both be one that aligns harmoniously with our original nature of being, conditioning an ideal human existence or it can buck against nature and represent an inverse to the ideal causing mass amounts of anti-depressant medication intake. The ones who are behind these lies want to mask your life dissatisfaction and tell you that it's an organic malady rather than natural response to inverse conditions to the conditions that act harmoniously to the nature of being, ones that condition states of well-being rather than depression and anxiety.

4. Final nail in the Theory of Evolution's coffin:

Bodies have symbiotic relationship with the environment. Each unique life-form (body) was considered during the environment defining. The Theory of Evolution, as a psyop, was foreseen during the mathematical construction of this universe and for that reason every species was given a coat (feathers, scales, etc..) unique to them and a vocal signature (we can recognize them by the sound they make) not shared by any other species. This makes it no longer possible to entertain the idea that all life-forms branched out from one common ancestor. It's untenable given the circumstances.

5. The Scientific Community knows what I had to find out. Here is the evidence:

The invention of artificial light was possible because the scientific community figured out how the sun works. They teach us what isn't true but unlike you, know what I know.
The invention of the computer was possible because the scientific community figured out how the brain works. They teach us what isn't true but unlike you, know what I know.
The invention of computer code was possible because the scientific community figured out what the body is and how our environment was put together. They teach us what isn't true but unlike you, know what I know.
If you want to know how the sun works, study how artificial light works. If you want to know how the brain works, study how a computer converts code into dimensional objects that can move.

6. Now what?

Contemplating our situation now that the fullness of the truth has come to the public, my suggestion for humanity as a whole, is for us to wisely choose forgiveness instead of retribution. The rational for choice is to make it possible for them to come clean knowing that they won't have to fear negative consequences. After this takes place, we can, humanity as a whole, decide how to organize our now enlightened inhabitants on earth so that the Human Ideal, or the organization that best harmonizes with the nature of being, can begin to materialize. There are no aliens. This earth is to be humanity's sandbox. We are to no longer tolerate money being spent on a fake space program so that the non-working opportunists can use the money provided by the working class in ways the money providers aren't privy to knowing.


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