Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Soul

According to our faith-based beliefs, we have a picture of a wispy airy-fairy soul that looks like our body. Soul is nothing other than being-mind-will-creator and is formless. It abides in the non-perceptual absolute; the singularity (constant c). The body is practical. It's for positioning senses and making limbs practical. The face is formed by facial bones not mist-magic. It isn't structured to be an individual eternal personality set to inherit an eternal mansion for managing to luck out believing the correct religious doctrine. There is no heaven or hell for individual souls to go to. An individual soul implies the personality is a changeless phenomenon. We know this is untrue every time we become a 'better person' or a person who has 'changed for the worse'. We have the lesser person and the better person. Which one goes where? Heaven is an idea of always experiencing the pleasant, never the unpleasant. Experience needs a subject and an object. Only in a material existence is there objects. There can be no pleasant or unpleasant experience outside of a material existence. Material is in the Immaterial. You can't put the immaterial in material. Say goodbye to the idea of an individualized body-contained soul. Bodies reside in the One Soul. A family member can't be separated from the body. If the body is gone, so is the family member.

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