Monday, 22 August 2016

Can It Be?

Can It Be?

Can we ever contact
Our long since dead relatives?
We need to first ask ourselves
What it is a relative is;
It is a body sharing dna,
Not a nebulous runaway.
Can disembodied observers
Exist in space and time? 
No one sees us all alone,
Being it's the sensory kind.
Can infinity be proven?
Of course it can.
What does finite mean?
It has a limit span.
In order for limit to be made
That phenomena must first be;
Out of an endless motorcade,
We have two cars or thirty-three.
Can it be understood
Before feathers had evolved,
Featherless birds on tree branch stood;
Wings and body bald?
There's no reason to assume
Evolution was in the fight
When in process ignorance loomed;
Was the body capable of flight?
Can the brain be functioning
As a process to represent
Information processing;
Environmental pressure vent?
Can there be happiness
Without knowing what is sad?
Pleasure without feeling pain?
We would not have.
Can we not celebrate
Our supremely valued selves
In the Spirit of joy and love,
Without gods or little elves?
Can we send love to the world
By speaking out the words;
Love is you when manifesting
Actions, not just words.
Can you switch awareness
From owner of your path;
To spectator experience
Immersed, interact and laugh?
Enjoying an amusement ride
With no horse to come in first;
That's the Living Water
That quenches every thirst.


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