Thursday, 11 August 2016

What is really real?

What is really real?
It's not the computer that causes woe but the virus infecting it. Real is the information and the medium that information is in. Mass is housed in energy and thoughts are housed in Mind. Non-being is housed in being and the finite is housed in the infinite. We already know that Mind is energy. Mind, which is nothing, is the absolute. Thoughts come and go, are transitory, just as all somethings are transitory. The transitory is the illusory.
Training and teaching the mind is taking it out of reality and into the world of conceptuality (unreality). Energy can't be destroyed. Mind is the only thing able to set limits on the infinite making the finite phenomena of space, time, mass and velocity.
Mind is Nothing and Nothing cannot be contained. Everything that can be contained would logically be contained with- in that which cannot be contained. The mind has no boundaries, no limits, no content and fills it with defined (the limited; all content) thought. The mind that holds the content is not the content. Content comes and goes. The mind isn't altered when the brain is altered. The organization of the brain determines how mind will be expressed. Putting a pulsating shower head in the shower isn't altering the water. Only the way in which it is being expressed is altered. The complexity of the mind's conduit is what conditions complexity of mind's expression. Damage to the means by which mind can express itself will hinder expression of said mind.


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