Thursday, 18 August 2016

Religion II

The Christian Religion is a religion of men sweating blood instead of sweat and babies with paranormal powers, able to sense the presence of baby-occupied wombs while being in a womb themselves. The biblical text stating that all scripture is God-breathed is strategic in that it causes the religious adherent to seek their guidance from words in a book rather than being taught by the Spirit of Truth which resides within all of us if we only had the ears to hear. An illusion of estrangement can be accomplished by demarcating our soul from the Divine. A cure can then be offered to remedy the situation. It then doubles as a profitable product. The struggle is having a natural will that doesn't conform to a religion's 'oughts'. The 'oughts' have us attempt to resist our will by acting unnaturally.Though the members of Islam are quick to cry foul over the atheist's rejection of their faith, naysayers are more than justified in denouncing a religious practice that puts women's lives in jeopardy. There is real concern for women being vulnerable to a drowning death, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. With all that loose black material they are forced to wear, it would only need to get snagged on the coral. Hope is disguised doubt.

Religion is hi-jacking the Divine for purposes of control. Religion places emphasis on 'getting from God'. This isn't divine design. The correct understanding is to see oneself as a vessel or conduit of the Infinite Self. It can then manifest through the body to change the world into better representation of our divine nature. Community life and love and happiness and freedom happen in a reality like this one, not in a spiritual world that is described in the bible. 'Heaven' is just a carrot on the end of a stick. The people Jesus put in the dog house were the do-gooders, not the slackers; the good son in the prodigal son story;  Martha, in the Martha and Mary story; the Pharisees and Sadducees (worshipers of the law), not the wedding guests singing and drinking wine. The Torah is the Book of the Law and the Law is called a curse in the NT. The Torah would then rightly mean, 'Book of Curses'. How is punishing an innocent party instead of the guilty one satisfying justice rather than compounding injustice? For church folk being super-sensitive to Satanic activity, it's a wonder they never pick up the vibe in their church services. People young and old sing about how glorious shed blood is. The Holy Spirit should be brought up on assassination charges. He did hits on folks that told fibs to avoid the church extortion of their worldly goods.Was the test given to Abraham fair to Isaac?

Pull out the only value that religions employ, namely, the Golden Rule, and leave the rest to become a historical relic. Atheism is a rejection of both fables and the truth but there really isn't any such thing as an atheist. There are theists who have a Creator named "I Don't Know" According to Special Relativity there is only one True Location putting Heaven and Hell in the same spot. Our Original Being is interested in      creative freedom, not our conformity to standards. The 'Noah and the Ark' story didn't happen. Noah heard a voice coming out of the sky. God is within us, not outside of us.

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