Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life?

We can examine the body and the environment the body is placed in to find the right clues. The body 

provides opportunity to make relationships with all types of other living bodies.  That would be a clue: forming fulfilling relationships would is a purpose for this life. If we weren't here to live the life how we want, who were we supposed to live our lives for? For a tribal god that never stops by for coffee or brings birthday presents for our children?

The body allows for artistic expression and the environment has many mediums and materials for tool-creation. That would be a clue that to create art is a purpose for life. The fact that we have the

 necessary limbs to actualize the inventions of our mind's creation clues us in that inventing stuff is a purpose for life. The body, having many sensory organs to experience a sensory world would clue us in that to experience a variety of sensations would be a purpose for life. If it feels good, do it, but not at the expense of someone else's good time. If there was one thing humans enjoy, it's fun.

How do we identify Source's enemy?  He would have an aversion to fun and put emphasis on behaving oneself and to be responsible. Knowing that the common trait found in every human life is placing value on fun speaks volumes about Original Being's true priorities. When we're children, we cling to our pretend worlds. We have pretend houses made of cardboard and pretend Ferraris made of plywood and baby buggy wheels. This new age is the age of human adulthood where we put away our pretend reality and embrace the Real Deal. Hypocrisy: a weapon-equipped Government wanting to remove weapons from citizens. The Injustice System could be just again if buying innocence could be curtailed. This could happen by having legal representation rewarded to clients via a blind draw along with a policy put in place making winning a case no more rewarding financially than losing it.

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