Saturday, 13 August 2016

Finite Creators

We are a finite creator with finite space, finite time and finite speed with finite mass. All 'finite' really means is that 'limit' was put on the infinite. There must necessarily be an Infinite Creator in infinite space and infinite time with infinite Mass going at infinite speed. Who's going to heaven? If heaven is where the Infinite abides, all beings are already there. Being is massless and cannot abide in a finite uni- verse. This is why the photon has no rest mass.

Our being here proves that spacetime isn't an absolute reality. We are all Being and as a result we are aware of things that the intellect or thinking apparatus wasn't involved with. For instance, all of us have said this before, 'I have a lot of energy today' or 'I have no energy today'. The living body is energized and the dead body is not. We can figure out which is being and which is not-being by looking at our home computer. What is it missing? Is it missing the heart (our feelings about life's matters) or the thinker (the calculator)? The one missing in our home computer is the one present in our being-will. The Key to understanding our spacetime reality is the maxim: "As Above, So Below." The 'below' is our mind and the "Above" is Light. They make direct correlations.

All fear can be seen as being afraid of our own shadow. Our prayers aren't heard. Being can only be conversed with when it's in bodily form. Agency is outside of causality having the ability to manifest first causes. Meaning is made. That is what makes us Creators rather than animals. If we were no more than chemicals, that makes us nothing more than a glorified glue stick. We can't observe Subject. We can only observe Subject's manipulation of object. The Father is Holy. The Father is Spirit. The Father is the Holy Spirit. There can be only one Holy Spirit.

If there is no knower that is doing the knowing, we need to stop positing a swimmer when discussing the act of swimming. The subject is the owner of the body. There are physical differences between the Asian race and the Caucasian race but the Driver is the same whether driving a Chevy or a Dodge. We can't have sex with that body unless permission has been given because it belongs to a subject. If the body belonged to no one, there is no one to get permission and we wouldn't be amiss to have sex with it as if it was our own.

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