Tuesday, 23 August 2016



Energy can't increase;
Energy can't decrease;
It has no acceleration rate.
You think energy comes to rest?
How could that come to pass?
By becoming not-energy;
Not-energy is mass.
Energy in non-motion
Is no longer energy.
Energy is in a state;
A state of non-motion.
Divine Thought puts limit
On infinite properties;
This actualizes potentialities.
Energy is infinite mass;
The photon,
In order to go light speed,
Must have infinite mass;
Infinite mass;
That's what it needs.
Energy is Mind/Being
Energy is a verb;
When mass is verbing
It's a noun that is being;
Always flux never stasis.
No sitting ducks;
Flying aces.
Energy inside spacetime
Having no rest,
It moves continuously;
Always on the move,
Moving through events serially.
Energy is Nothing,
Mass is Something.
Energy is the medium
The mass is disturbing.
Energy has no mathematical definitions.
To claim it does
Would be a reality contradiction.
Energy is the Perceiver;
A Perceiver deceived;
When Perceiver is Deceiver,
A deception is conceived.

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