Thursday, 4 August 2016


Existence is Absolute Time (Always Now) and the one True Location (Always Here). When we want to be where we're not we're choosing non-being over Being (non-existence over existence). Non-existence is past or future and not-here-but-over-there. Existence is Super-personal; an Infinite Person (undefined person with no distinct characteristics; attributes of personhood such as agency, intent, desire and curiosity). Existence isn't impersonal like electricity. Electricity is a particle phenomenon and particles are objects, not being. Some complain when people speak of the supernatural. What is the supernatural? Is it a claim that there is more than the natural world? If so, the super- natural exists.  Supernatural just means a state of the unseen that is the causer of another state; the natural (the seen). We know that mind is supernatural. We know that Being is supernatural. Now we should understand that energy is supernatural. Non-Supernaturalism can't account for the following: subjectivism, mind, energy (can't be created nor destroyed), particles with values for mass, spin and charge, beingness, instinct (knowing without being taught) and illusion. Being is supernatural. Anything made of particles is natural. Anything not made of particles is supernatural. What isn't made of atoms? Mind, being and energy are particle-less phenomena. Every 'thing' in the uni- verse is natural. Verbs aren't 'things'. 'Things' are nouns. We are called human beings because we're always being (verbing). 'Being' is the operative word in 'human being'. That's what separates us from the world of objects (non-being). Being is our Original Nature. We're not our body. We 'have' a body. The owner of the owned says, 'my brain hurts' 'my feet are cold' or 'you have a beautiful smile'. Being is a verb and is always acting. Creation is 'object' and is always a noun (non-energetic; dead). Energy is a verb and verbs can't be created. This is why Being can be said to be uncaused. All nouns (objects) are caused. They are made by way of limiting the limitless.

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